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Social Distancing Wine and Cheese

Updated: May 30, 2020

Covid-19 has closed restaurants and bars and put the kibosh on socializing around dinner or drinks. But that hasn’t kept operators from constantly coming up with new ideas to generate business. Takeout and delivery are just the beginning. Check out these recent brainstorms.

A socially distanced cocktail party

Why not pick some close friends and host a “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” cocktail party—a guided wine-and-cheese tasting topped off with Tracy's Wine Jellies. Plan ahead of the event, and invite a small circle of friends for a Wine and Cheese event. The key will be to organize the charcuterie boards one per couple. On the night of the party, participants can be encouraged to wear a beret to go along with the French theme or whatever theme you think is fun. Bring in three different wines and open all three wines, provided tasting notes and suggested wine-cheese pairings. For the the next week’s theme try Italian.

Order Tracy's Wine Jellies ahead of the event to be sure to have the best experience for your guest. Tantalize their taste buds and enjoy a fun evening with close friends.

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