Saucy Sangria Wine Jelly 250ml | Tracy's Wine Jellies

Did you know Saucy Sangria Jelly was based off of a classic drink from Spain? This is what we like to call a "Boozy Grape Jelly" made with a Merlot base, Grand Marnier, Orange and Lemon.

Great with:

  • toast, English muffins or tea biscuits 
  • great for thumbprint cookies
  • citrus pancakes or crêpes
  • pork tenderloin
  • mix with horseradish for roast beef
  • try it with wild game such as duck or venison
  • Great with Brie, goats cheese or cream cheese

Wine and Cheese pairing:

  • Sangria or Sherry
  • Zamarano
  • Saucy Sangria Jelly

Saucy Sangria Wine Jelly 250ml